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Former Nickelodeon star Jesse Draper has produced more than 150 interviews with such luminaries as Ted Turner, Mark Cuban, ex–Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, MC Hammer and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. She’s also an angel investor, a featured digital-media speaker, and a contributor to Mashable, Forbes.com and Huffington Post.

Recently named “the tech world’s queen of networking” by Gentry magazine, Jesse has founded a cross-industry women-in-business organization. Meanwhile, USA Today has called The Valley Girl Show “must-see start-up TV.”

What do you use your Verizon 4G LTE powered tablet for most often?
My 4G LTE tablet lets me review and publish articles and videos for The Valley Girl Show and see what Kim Kardashian is up to.

How does the speed of Verizon 4G LTE make your life easier?
I have a back problem, so I try to limit what’s in my bag. Now I bring my tablet to download books, magazines and notes so fast, thanks to Verizon’s 4G LTE.

How do you accesorize your tablet?
With stickers and all my favorite apps—oh, and I named it Betty.

Favorite accessories?
Headphones, so people nearby won’t hear Taylor Swift on repeat, and the stylus, for drawing smiley faces.

What are your favorite apps?
Twitter, Slacker and Chess

Why does your charity deserve to win $10G’s?
$10,000 would allow BizWorld to provide over 1,000 underserved students in the State of California with an education in entrepreneurship, business and finance, giving them the skills they need to succeed and the motivation to fulfill their potential.



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