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How to Keep Your Group Organized on the Way to Chicago's Top Sporting Events, Presented by National Charter Bus

By National Charter Bus

Photo courtesy of National Charter Bus


Make the most of your group outings with National Charter Bus.

With baseball season rapidly approaching and March Madness in full swing, there’s no shortage of exciting sporting events to attend in Chicago! As you’re choosing which events you’ll experience this season, keep in mind how you’ll transport your group of fans to every upcoming game.

The more people you travel with, the more of a hassle transportation can be; luckily, National Charter Bus is on your side to help you get to any sports venue in Chicago with ease! We service sporting events in Chicago and across the nation. Whether you’re staying in town to cheer on the Cubs or you’re traveling across the country for March Madness, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for traveling to a sporting event with a group:

1. Establish your group size before booking your bus. Booking a bus that’s too big can be expensive, and booking a bus that’s too small will mean you’ll have to leave some group members to transport themselves to the game. Try to be sure of how many people you’re traveling with before you call to book!

2. Plan to arrive early. It’s always a good call to arrive at a sporting event at least an hour before the game starts, but sooner is always better. Planning ahead with extra time helps account for unexpected delays such as traffic troubles, and allows you a bit of wiggle room if you end up running late before it’s time to hit the road. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to find a seat and grab a snack without missing the beginning of the game.

3. Gather your tailgating gear the night before the game. With a bus from National Charter Bus, you’ll have plenty of space to store tents, coolers, televisions, and more right on your bus on the way to see the Bears or your favorite local team. However, your tailgating supplies won’t do you any good if they’re forgotten at home! Gather everything you need the night before and leave it by your door. This way, you can quickly load up your bus and hit the road without losing any time.

4. Leave the driving to us. Driving for hours and keeping up with a caravan can be tiring, especially when all you want to do is relax and enjoy a game day. With a personal bus, you and your fellow fans can enjoy the services of a private driver and travel to the game as one unit. We’ll make sure you arrive right on time to the game so that you can tailgate and enjoy the match before we transport you safely back home.

National Charter Bus has gained experience in transporting sports fans to Wrigley Field, United Center, and more, both within Chicago and throughout the nation. Trust us to safely transport you to every upcoming sporting event this season!

Booking a bus for your group is easy: All you have to do is call the National Charter Bus team, and one of our reservation specialists will determine which bus is best for you. You can choose from compact minibuses for small groups, or full-sized coaches for large groups.

No matter what sport you prefer, National Charter Bus can ensure that your group is transported with ease! Call us today at 312.392.0239 to book a bus to your next Chicago sporting event.