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Dallas' Men on the Move

By Kristie Ramirez & Rosie Roberson

Photography by Jonathan Zizzo & Josh Huskin | Hair and makeup by Tina Adams-Mason | Accessories from Forty Five Ten & Stanley Korshak


Who has more moves than these four professional athletes? No one when they’re paired with these world-class rides at Classic BMW.

Daryl Johnston

The three-time Super Bowl champ has proven he’s as comfortable in front of the camera as an NFL broadcaster on FOX as he was on the field for the Dallas Cowboys

He’s the new general manager of the San Antonio Commanders of the Alliance of American Football

“I’ve been looking at doing this for about 3 ½ years. John Dorsey, who is the general manager at Cleveland, has been a great ally. He mapped out what I needed to do to see if I really wanted to do this. There are certain things I think are important. It’s all about the chemistry and the culture. I’ve been on three Super Bowl teams, so I’ve got a good idea of how to construct that. We have a lot of things to correct; we can be much better than we were in the opener. I think we surprised and impressed some people with the quality of football we played. The team feels sustainable. To do this right, I had to move to San Antonio. My wife has been very supportive. Evan, our daughter, is in her junior year at Hockaday, and not being in the same city is the hardest thing for me. But I told her, just tell me when you need me and I’ll be there.” 

Leather belt, $450, by Gucci at Forty Five Ten

Errol Spence Jr.

Fresh off of a blockbuster fight against Mikey Garcia at AT&T Stadium, the champion southpaw is our hometown hero and boxing’s next biggest star 

He’s taking Dallas on his journey to become the undisputed welterweight champion of the world

“Boxing was tough to fall in love with. I started at age 15, running 3 miles in Dallas’ summer heat and training in a gym with no air conditioning every day. With my dad’s encouragement, I stuck with it, and it eventually stole my heart. Since the 2012 Summer Olympics, Dallas has continued to rally behind me. People come up to me at the grocery store and tell me they’re proud of how I carry myself. Fellow athletes like Ezekiel Elliott have always shown their support... it feels great to have my city behind me. When it comes to my game, I’m a passive-aggressive boxer. I try not to get hit, but I’m always the first to action. I get in my opponent’s face and bring them down mentally, because they can’t hit me. My goal is to be the undisputed welterweight champion of the world and to be mentioned alongside legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. I fight so my kids can have a great life and a great education. I’m going to get more wins this year; then I’ll take my family on vacation. Maybe Maui or Thailand.” 

Pocket square, $65, by Eton at Stanley Korshak

John Isner

America’s best male tennis player has a new wife, baby and hometown

Preparing for the European tours and a grand slam title

“April is my birthday month—I’ll be 34—and I’ve always been home. At the begining of the month, I play a tournament in Houston and then I have about three weeks after that to get ready to go over to Europe for the clay court season that culminates with the French Open in Paris. I do know that of all the towns I’ve been in, Dallas is the most charitable city. For me to be able to use my platform here to raise money for great causes is huge. I’m trying to find what I really connect with personally and go from there. We have so many friends here and everyone has embraced me. Through Maddy and her family, I’ve met so many incredible people. We like Park House, and I love Kevin’s class at SoulCycle. I play at Southern Methodist University, which has an amazing tennis facility. It’s the nicest indoor facility I’ve ever seen. I practice about two hours a day five to six days a week. I would like [our daughter] Hunter Grace to play tennis. I’m putting everything in her left hand now.”

Miro Heiskanen

The modest 19-year-old defenseman for the Dallas Stars is a hockey wunderkind with a golden wrist and laser focus

Raking in goals and banking serious ice time as a rookie, the Finnish player is on a fast track to becoming one of the greatest defensemen in the league 

“I grew up in Finland and started playing hockey at age 4. I played soccer for eight years, but hockey was always number one for me. To be 15 years old and win a gold medal at the World U18 Championship was amazing, but nothing was more memorable than being drafted to the Dallas Stars and playing in my first NHL game. I love being in the game mentally, and I really love scoring goals... I hate losing. My strengths lie in defense, but I can also play great offense. Representing the Stars at the 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend in San Jose this year was another big moment. I was definitely starstruck by players I looked up to growing up, like Erik Karlsson, Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane. Long term, I want to be the best defenseman in the NHL, and I hope to stay in Dallas for as long as possible. Stars fans are incredible, and it’s a great organization. Esa Lindell, another Finnish defenseman, has taken me under his wing and helped me adjust to Dallas. When I’m not playing, I just take it easy. I pretty much hang out with my girlfriend and play PlayStation.”