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Founder and CEO Jessica Herrin at the Stella & Dot pop-up on Henderson Avenue


Texas-Formed Stella & Dot Chooses Dallas for First Pop-Up Shop

By Maggie Klimuszko

Photo by Cassie Loree Photography


Founder & CEO Jessica Herrin on Stella & Dot’s Texas roots, the brand’s luxury foundation and philanthropic ties.

Stella & Dot, a Texas-grown jewelry company with a vision, has opened their first pop-up shop on Henderson Ave. The colorful spot, open now through April 20, is not only adorned with chic velvet seating and fun treats throughout the month, but also mood boards to give customers a peek into the company’s unique design process, personal photographs that allude to the company’s history, and groupings of swoon-worthy baubles as far as the eye can see. We sat down with founder and CEO Jessica Herrin to discuss the release of Stella & Dot’s latest fine jewelry collection, Covet, and to get the inside scoop on why the opening of this pop-up marks such a significant moment in the life of Stella & Dot and its future. 3010 N. Henderson Ave.

I know that this is Stella & Dot’s first pop-up, does Dallas have any special meaning or relation to the company?
We are Texas born, and it is a place of firsts. That picture over there is the first photo I took to put in a look book, it’s when I was pregnant with my daughter and started this out of my living room in Austin. I just wanted to come back to the heart of it and do our next first. I still feel like we are just beginning as a company. This started as a dream, and it became a mission and a movement. We are so excited to be here.

So why Dallas instead of Austin for your first Pop-up?
This is a bigger city and more central. It’s easier for people to get to, and we wanted to pick Dallas as a heartbeat city of America where we would broadcast from. We look at the way we do retail as very different, we’re all about social selling. This is going to be all about events, we’re bringing in over 40 events that will give back to local causes throughout the month. We’re bringing in our stylists, a lot of influencers are coming in, so we wanted it to be in Dallas because it’s just a thriving center.

How does the Covet, your fine jewelry collection, differ from past collections? What motivated Stella & Dot’s entry into the world of fine jewelry?
We really have a range of styles. Our designer, Blythe, comes from a luxury background. She designed for De Beers, LVMH, and went to Parsons in Paris. What we’ve really done is transformed the custom jewelry space by bringing a luxury process to all of our pieces. So I would say all of our pieces are a piece of luxury, and then we offer a range of metals: sterling silver, bronze, as well as gold and conflict free diamonds. We have a broad offering, but we wanted to do the Covet line which allows everyone to put it on and leave it on as a layer. The way we love to style it is as a leave it on layer that has meaning to you, and then you accessorize on top of it.

What is the mission behind Stella & Dot?
We are a company that is inspired by and created for strong women, named after our Grandmothers. Our whole mission is to empower flexible income for women, we paid out over $500 million in commissions, and everything about us is personal. We have a heart in our brand, and initials and charms are a big part of our business. We do a ton of engraving and initials in Covet, so when you’re wearing it, you’re representing your family and what you love the most.

Can you tell me a little about your partnership with Dress For Success and how this partnership aids your mission?
I would love to! Our missions are so aligned because we’re both about the empowerment of women. They serve women trying to get back into the job market and in a way we do too by giving women a platform for their own flexible work. That too was another Texas-born thing, I spoke at a Dress for Success event in Houston and I was just so moved by these incredible women and how touched they were that we were there and with what we were gifting them. We are very passionate about lifting people up and Dress for Success is completely aligned with that.

Love that! Finally, tell me about everything happening at this pop-up?
All of our collections are here, and anyone can come in and shop. In addition to events, we are working with the Junior League as well as Girls Inc. and Dress for Success to do charity events. Then we’re hosting events where people could come in and pick their own local charity, so we have a lot of that going on. We’re also bringing in mani-pedis, a braid bar, a coffee bar, there is basically something fun going on here at all times, I don’t want to leave!