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Town & Country
By Drew Limsky | February 4, 2016

The San Francisco Bay area isn’t simply an affluent metropolis fueled by tech industry innovation; it’s a global luxury capital whether you stay in the city or venture out. The Ritz-Carlton brand well understands this fact—and...

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Vision Quest
By Rhonda Reinhart | December 29, 2015

The way Smoot Hull tells the story, it all started with a chandelier in a cow pasture. Several years ago, Smoot’s wife, Paige, who was in Round Top for the town’s famous Antiques Week, called him with an announcement: “She says...

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Collector's Items
By Rhonda Reinhart | October 29, 2015

Mike Mousel’s client was ready to get serious about collecting art. He was so serious, in fact, that when he enlisted Mousel to help him and his family decorate their newly...

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Dream House
By Helen Thompson | October 28, 2015

Just after they got married in 2011, Laura and Robert Griffith noticed that something was missing. The newlyweds were enjoying the postcard version of the urban Austin lifestyle: They resided in one of the city’s swankiest downtown condos, a 56-...

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Happily Ever High-Rise
By Connie Dufner | October 28, 2015

Ah, the joys of penthouse living—the views, the city stretching before you in all directions, sunrises, sunsets and a lock-and-leave lifestyle. What could possibly go wrong for a pair of art-loving empty nesters?


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Worldly Treasures
By Helen Thompson | October 28, 2015

Two inveterate world travelers have spent much of their marriage visiting far-flung destinations in Southeast Asia and Europe. But one of their most satisfying journeys was a move across Houston from their beloved ’90s-era house...

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Artful Lodging
By Cindy Hirschfeld | October 26, 2015

One of the first things you see as you enter the new 165-room luxury hotel officially named The ART, located in Denver’s Golden Triangle, is “Wall Drawing #397,” a bold red...

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Uncommon Property
By Nadia Dabbakeh, Melissa Jacobs, Rhonda Reinhart and Helen Thompson | July 27, 2015

Founded in 1891 as a wealthy and working-class enclave, the Heights...

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Modern Miracle
By Connie Dufner | July 24, 2015

The West Houston house that Nina Magon designed for a two-physician couple with young children was remodeled even before the first brick was laid. The owners wanted a new, modern house, but in the master-planned community they had bought into, there...

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Expanding Horizons
By Helen Thompson | July 24, 2015

When Susan and Dave Fiorelli’s three children left for college, the couple decided to make a change: They moved into a bigger house. The Fiorellis—who are retired from the energy business—have their reasons for reversing...

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Perfect Score
By Jessica Elliott | July 24, 2015

When millions know you as a 3-point-shooting star player in the NBA, the real estate world is your oyster. You might choose a New York City penthouse—or even an island cottage—in which to live. But it took only one visit to Austin for...

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Italian Masters
By Patti Dickey | July 24, 2015

Neighbor to a gleaming modern skyscraper, sporting a glistening new wing and located directly across from Milan’s iconic train station, Milano Centrale (modeled after Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, and a magnificent structure in its...

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