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Audi RS5 Sport Seats

Small Wonders

by Nate Chapnick | Men's Book Chicago magazine | September 13, 2012

Men’s Book sweats the little things. Check out the ingenious design details that prompt new excuses to get behind the wheel of these luxury vehicles.

Audi RS5 Sport Seats
Audi engineers its seats for comfort and looks. The new RS5 debuts these sport seats with sharp-looking red shells—the color chosen to match the trim seen throughout the interior—that cover their backsides.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Electronically Deployable Wind Deflector
Put the top down without disturbing your passenger’s hair with Porsche’s electronically operated wind deflector. Your significant other is guaranteed to love this amenity, which deploys at the press of a button.

Mercedes-Benz SL550 FrontBass
The new SL550’s sound system is revolutionary, as its FrontBass subwoofers are installed directly into the car’s aluminum skeleton. It’s an exceptionally rigid space for the subwoofers, eliminating the vibrations that come with mounting speakers in the doors.

Ford F-150 Limited HID Headlamps
Illuminate the night like never before in Ford’s plush new top-line F-150 Limited, the first pickup truck to ever offer high-intensity discharge headlamps. First seen in the United States on European imports, the bright, white high-intensity lamps provide 2.5 times as much light as conventional halogen lamps.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate Rear Seat Tray Table
Here’s one Bond would appreciate: an electronically retractable aluminum tray emerges from the center console between the rear seats of Jaguar’s new XJ Ultimate—a car so rare only 50 are destined for the United States.