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Sweden’s J Craft unveils one of the world’s great nautical artworks with its 42-foot Torpedo cruiser.

With two 750-hp engines and stellar design, the Torpedo handles like a boat half its size.

The mahogany deck receives 18 coats of varnish.

The steering wheel by Nardi, which also designed the steering wheel of the Ferrari 250 GTO

From the Vikings setting sail more than a thousand years ago to its medieval merchant cog-ship armadas, Sweden’s fate has always been inextricably tied to the open water. Perhaps it was destiny, then, that it was the country of origin for bespoke boat manufacturer J Craft’s new hand-built 42-foot Torpedo yacht­—one of the most beautiful vessels to ever hit the seven seas.

Though the boat, with its ’50s and ’60s-inspired lines, is stunningly gorgeous, it’s far more than a pretty face. Thanks to brilliant design, the Torpedo maneuvers like a boat half its size. The hand-shaped hull was conceived by J Craft’s team of naval engineers and designers to withstand the harsh climate and rough seas that surround the company’s Gotland, Sweden, headquarters. As a result, it cuts through rough seas with ease and remains stable even when performing sharp turns in choppy conditions. Sponsons on the stern form a swim platform in back, preventing spray from drenching passengers when you feel like showing off with playful tricks.

Two 750-horsepower Volvo Penta IPS500 engines, meanwhile, supply the Torpedo with near endless thrust. When you’re in the open water, mash the throttles and the Torpedo reaches a sprint speed of around 50 knots­—but she will cruise happily along at 35 knots all day long. Docking is made simple with Volvo’s joystick controls, allowing the boat to spin 360 degrees in its own length. And a 265-gallon tank provides a 350 nautical mile range, ideal for overnight trips to the islands.

A floating work of art that starts at about $1.3 million, the J Craft Torpedo is for the discerning buyer who appreciates the finest handcrafted details. The mahogany deck receives 18 coats of varnish to give it a deep, rich gloss that turns the wood into a veritable mirror. Nardi, the same company that made wheels for Ferrari’s classic 250 GTO, is responsible for the Torpedo’s graceful, thin steering wheel. And everywhere polished aluminum sparkles like a diamond in the sun, from the bezels that surround the circular instrument gauges to the windscreen trim and handrails. Fingerprints are this boat’s worst nightmare—but, then again, that’s what crews are for!

A near endless level of customization both inside and out makes each J Craft genuinely unique. Buyers can choose from 13 different hull colors, which can be paired with 12 different grip line shades. When it comes to the interior there are 10 standard upholstery and seat colors to choose from, allowing you to mix, match and create a design that truly reflects your style.

For the ultimate in customization, though, you’ll want to look into J Craft’s bespoke program, which allows you to match the color of your boat’s paint and interior to, say, your Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.

Once aboard, you’ll appreciate how spacious the J Craft’s cabin feels. At nearly 12 feet wide and with almost 40 feet of deck space, she will easily accommodate eight passengers with an abundance of space left over. Below the bow is a dining area that folds into a bed, which comfortably allows sleeping for four, in addition to one crew member. A 53-gallon fresh-water tank provides H2O for the wet bar on deck, as well as the toilet and sink below. A large sundeck toward the stern provides plenty of stretching space—and its slightly lowered position makes for easy viewing from the rearview mirror, conveniently situated atop the captain’s instrument panel. Your seat at the helm thus brings you not only views of your sun-kissed passengers soaking in the rays, but the ultimate sense of power as you captain one of the most beautiful boats on the water­—one that easily makes you the center of attention no matter where you go.

As cool as it is capable, the J Craft Torpedo is comfortable on both Lake Michigan and the seven seas. But no matter where it is, the Torpedo is admired for its styling and hand-built craftsmanship: Each Torpedo takes more than 4,000 hours to create. The ancient Vikings would certainly be proud. And now all that’s left is to start thinking about names for your new baby.