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The Italian-American

The powerful Ducati Diavel is a molto bello uomo Italiano with the spirit of an all-American bad boy.

The limited-edition Ducati Diavel Titanium is ready to roar.

The designers at the Ducati factory outside of Bologna will likely disapprove, but I’m just going to say it. As a lifelong rider, I can say the new 2015 Ducati Diavel is one of the finest cruisers I’ve ever ridden. And by the dreaded word “cruiser” (at least dreaded in Italy), I mean a big, bold, American-style road bike, even though the beating heart in the Diavel’s burly chest is pure Italian racing performance. While typical U.S. iron horses are all about powerful, chortling, low-gear torque grumble from a V-twin hammering between your ankles, the Diavel’s incredible 6-speed 1198cc Testastretta L-twin power plant provides more of an urgent, racing-derived tug right at your belt-line as you burn up the road ahead, an experience made even more pleasant by quick-select urban, touring and sports modes. The right mode ensures almost limitless available power through the gear range, no matter where you’re riding.

And no matter where you’re riding, you’ll also benefit from one of the Diavel’s other primary attractions: a comfortable, more upright riding position, especially welcome if you find a racing curl a bit daunting for longer rides. My test drive through New York’s Catskill Mountains involved several Ducati models, but it was only on the comfortable Diavel that I felt confident enough to push my skills. I found the bike provided plenty of gyroscopic handling cues and aerodynamic benefits for a machine that is not destined for the track. The gorgeous Diavel Titanium, a limited edition of 500, is the ultimate expression of this bike, lending a dazzling bronze patina across the huge tank and headlamp cover to beautifully complement the massive carbon fiber and blackened metal and chrome details of this perfect Italian-American. Andiamo, bro! $27,995, Motoworks Chicago, 1901 S. Western Ave., 312.738.4269