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For our fall fashion issue, we asked some of the city’s most renowned photographers to submit a favorite image from across the ages. The pictures speak for themselves, but still, the hot shots chimed in.

Victor Skrebneski, Linco Bleach ad, circa 1970s

“Ah, the ’70s. The good old days. Advertising ain’t the same today. It’s too serious. The style of my photographs are comments about life changes. My photographs make thoughts visible.”

Bob Frame, Cindy Crawford, fashion editorial, 1990

“When I started shooting in Chicago in the late ’80s, I attended an Elite modeling agency party. Across a crowded room I saw a young girl. I asked the agent who she was and she said [the girl] was from DeKalb; her name was Cindy but clients didn’t get her. They wanted her to remove the mole on her face. I said, ‘She should never remove it; I get her and I would love to shoot with her.’ It turned out to be the most famous beauty mark on the most famous beauty of a generation.”

Verser Engelhard, fashion editorial, 1986

“I was living in Milan at the time I shot this image but commuted back to Chicago periodically to work. I was interested in controlling shadows and their shape. I was using a series of light modifiers, and during the shoot they kept creeping into my frame. Instead of fighting it I decided to use the modifiers as foreground elements. Not overly apparent in this image was a lot of movement and ghosting. All of it was shot on black-and-white Polaroid transparency film that, sadly, has not been made for years.”

Jack Perno, shoot for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2010

“Factor Women and I both donate our time to the fashion department of the SAIC; this image was one of our biggest hits. It features Mary Pierce for Factor Women and Jacob McClellan for Chosen Models. It was featured in a book the school publishes, which coincides with their fall fashion show. Factor and I have also volunteered for the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs’ Fashion Focus since its inception in 2004. That’s provided us with fantastic opportunities to create compelling images, which are displayed down Michigan Avenue at Millennium Park during Fashion Focus each October.”