The big squeeze

The city’s freakish recession spike in rents has the arty/do-gooder/do-nothing kids competing—and scrambling—for space as never before. Like James Franco in 127 Hours, they will survive. Read More »

Downtown, the new suburbia

Enough with the oppressive quiet and beauty of the hills! Read More »


Quick gifting

Vending-machine maverick Mara Segal on finding the best holiday gifts and gadgets, instantly. Read More »

Just Stu’ It!

Richard Fleischner’s “La Jolla Project"

Just Stu’ It!

by AnnaMaria Stephens | Modern Luxury San Diego magazine | October 21, 2011

Wander around UCSD for an afternoon and you’ll encounter the most unexpected surprises. Metal trees talking to passersby. A V-shaped, blue chain-link fence built at branch-height in a eucalyptus grove. A teddy bear made of eight giant boulders with a knit scarf in school colors occasionally draped around its neck. Installations such as these, done by boldface international artists, dot the 1,200-acre campus.

’Lap It Up

Photography by Ethan Pines

’Lap It Up

by Troy Johnson | Modern Luxury San Diego magazine | October 21, 2011

Gem Fatale

Photography by Robert Benson

Gem Fatale

by Shelby Stanger | Modern Luxury San Diego magazine | October 21, 2011

Black diamonds and black jade on black rhodium-plated gold? Yes, please. At least that’s what some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs are saying about La Jollan Lauren Russell’s new company, Lyon Fine Jewelry (lyonfinejewelry.‌com). “I wanted something I would actually wear, and there wasn’t anything edgy on the market,” says Russell, whose daily uniform includes Alexander McQueen pumps, fitted black jeans and a black vest by Alexander Wang. It’s not exactly something that would work with a Tiffany pendant.

Digging for diversity

Rare-plant authority Annie Hayes explains how to cultivate an uncommon garden.   Read More »

No sanctuary for Danielle Bologna

All she cared about was her family. Then all she cared about was why they were killed and how to hold San Francisco accountable for the bleeding-heart policies that had kept their accused murderer on our streets. In her search for justice, she became a symbol of... Read More »

Tartufi Spree!

From Italy, with love: White truffle season nears its climax in L.A.’s top dining rooms.

Tartufi Spree!

by Lesley Balla | Angeleno magazine | October 20, 2011

Italian white truffles are one of the most intoxicating delicacies during the fall, and chefs and gourmands absolutely adore them. The best and most prized are those from Alba, a city in the northern Piedmont region of Italy, but they are neither easy to come by nor cheap: The season is only about two to three months long—if that—and the largest nuggets have fetched more than $300,000 apiece. But on plates across L.A., you’ll be charged anywhere from $30 to $90 per portion, depending on the market prices that year.

Four-Wheeled Fantasy

Range Rover blazes a new trail with its futuristic 2012 Evoque.

Four-Wheeled Fantasy

by Nate Chapnick | Angeleno magazine | October 20, 2011

Whether traversing a rocky mountain path, tall sand dunes or a flooded mall parking lot, there’s little stopping a Range Rover from reaching its intended destination—and the brand’s latest launch, the Evoque, proves it. No stranger to uncharted territory, Range Rover’s new, innovative and radically designed SUV blends urban luxury and styling with legendary capability.

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