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  Dirty Water Mid-Market It may sound like a sewage treatment... More»

Frances San Francisco

At a restaurant, the menu and the decor always get all the attention. But, as any chef can attest, the walk-in refrigerator is really the center of the... More»


  Eating in the Bay Area is a little like playing an endless (albeit delicious) game of Whac-a-Mole: Every time you check one restaurant off... More»


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  McDonald’s is a great American paradox; it’s one of the most successful business ventures in the history of the world, but seems... More»


  The people behind Mission Cheese are itching to open a new artisan foods restaurant,... More»


  Back in her native Mexico City, Gabriela Cámara is a legend, a prolific restaurateur who changed the face of the city’s dining scene... More»


  If you didn’t know better, it seemed like any other night at Giordano Bros: Cold cuts sizzled on the grill, and the North Beach... More»


  Kit Tea, San Francisco’s first cat café, is finally open, overweeningly precious... More»


  You know how much fun the singles table at a wedding is. (That's not sarcasm, it really is a good time.) Come July, a local foodie... More»