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Bamboloni from Heartbaker

  It’s National Donut Day, which is totally not a thing that the lamestream media made up because it’s Friday and we’re lazy... More»

Green garlic soup from Aster

  For all of its virtues, soup is rarely the stuff of obsession. But the green garlic soup that Brett Cooper has plopped on the menu at Aster... More»

Ravi Kapur

  The expert: Ravi Kapur, chef and co-owner of Liholiho Yacht Club... More»


  The dessert looks like a beehive. Its conical swirl of torched vanilla chiffon hides a knob of caramelized pineapple ice... More»

Seared foie gras at Haven.

  Haven Jack London Square Following a quick reboot... More»

The Kronnerburger

  There it sits, a hulking monument to the alchemy between a beef patty and an accommodating bun. The black magic of Chris Kronner’s... More»


  The Wolves of Polk Gulch This month, when William Werner opens the Pacific Avenue outpost of Craftsman &... More»

Chicken at Penrose

  The expert: Dominica Rice-Cisneros, chef-owner of Cosecha The picks: ... More»

Melissa King

  The difference is in the details at Co+Lab, a new pop-up dining series created by San Francisco chef Melissa King. Although... More»


  Let’s be honest: No one goes to Brenda’s Meat & Three for a kale salad. Like its older sibling, Brenda... More»


  Al’s Place Mission This vegetarian-hybrid restaurant from chef Aaron London, formerly of Michelin-... More»


  Even in a town seething with high-quality breakfast pastry, the blackberry-pistachio croissant that Greg Mindel conjures at Neighbor... More»