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Outer Sunset With its reclaimed-wood walls and mellow surfer vibe, this fog-shrouded café just blocks from Ocean Beach is a far... More»


Oakland For a restaurant that occupies a former shoe-repair shop, this Pizzaiolo offshoot has never really been about shine and... More»


Union Square Shield your eyes from the glare of televisions at the entrance, then squint as you step into the dining room in back,... More»


Bluestem is a kind of grass consumed by many cattle and, in turn, by many of the diners at this downtown brasserie. They get it in the smartly prepared... More»


Oakland Chikara Ono, a plucky chef who spent eight years rolling seaweed around rice at sushi-centric Geta, has extended his reach... More»


Tartine Afterhours Samin Nosrat not only runs the Pop-Up General Store, an occasional market for food crafters, but also hosts a... More»


How nice to walk into Boxing Room, the new New Orleans-inspired restaurant from the people behind Absinthe, and find that it goes easy on the Big Easy... More»


In my family, we abide by two strict culinary rules: Never cut a bagel toward your face, and beware of menus that cross too many time zones. The... More»


The waiter has just about had it. It’s his third time back to the table after being peppered with questions about the cod, crab cakes, and tuna. This... More»


It’s 5:45 in the afternoon. As usual, the line is out the door at Tartine Bakery, a café in the heart of “the Gastro,” as the... More»


Salt fish and ackee is Jamaica’s national dish: a hash of briny cod and bulbous ackee, the lychee’s Caribbean cousin, with a blast of weapons-... More»


Look around: From take-out counters to high-end kitchens, sandwiches are hot, even the cold ones. I’ve spent months tracking the trend, traveling to... More»