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ROSS MIRKARIMI STOOD OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM IN the Hall of Justice on the morning of March 12, surrounded by reporters, as... More»


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1989: The Law San Francisco voters pass the Sanctuary City Ordinance. Among many other things, the law prohibits city employees... More»


Turns out “Bad Boy” could be doing some good. The notorious gang-banger-turned-government-snitch, Roberto “Bad Boy” Acosta, has been... More»


When interim mayor Ed Lee announced his intention to run for a full term this fall, erstwhile allies like Board of Supervisors president and fellow mayoral... More»


In California, the death penalty has been in retreat for years, beset by revelations of wrongful convictions nationwide and legal challenges to the state... More»


Most people around here are familiar with San Francisco resident James C. Hormel’s biggest coup: In 1999, he became the nation’s highest-ranking... More»


Like a certain interim mayor who may not be so interim after all, George Gascón came out of nowhere to take a leading role in San Francisco politics. But... More»


Interim mayor Ed Lee must have been feeling pretty good this fall, since according to the polls, the race has been his to lose. The rest of the candidates... More»