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Most people around here are familiar with San Francisco resident James C. Hormel’s biggest coup: In 1999, he became the nation’s highest-ranking... More»


Like a certain interim mayor who may not be so interim after all, George Gascón came out of nowhere to take a leading role in San Francisco politics. But... More»


Interim mayor Ed Lee must have been feeling pretty good this fall, since according to the polls, the race has been his to lose. The rest of the candidates... More»


Recently I went for a bike ride with an attorney I know. To get from a meeting at Van Ness and Clay to another one downtown, this busy... More»


The Thug and Ed Lee...Today's Chron (11/2/11) breaks a big story concerning former CitiApartments strongman Andrew Hawkins and an... More»


Even without the existence of Twitter, the Yahoo! party would have been a madhouse. But with 10,000 conferencegoers texting each other about where to chill... More»


In this era of the locavore, menus no longer merely inform diners what they’ll be eating. They also tell the story—often as elaborate as a... More»


ON March 4, 2008, aka Gay Marriage Day at the California Supreme Court, the press conferences in city hall started at 7:30... More»


I. The Entrepreneurs' Way A blistering July afternoon in Sun Valley, Idaho. All around, rich businessmen and vacationers hurried... More»


It was a dice game among friends. No one thought it would end in gunshots, much less murder. But few were really surprised, either. This was Bayview–... More»