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When head coach Mark Jackson took the reins of the Golden State Warriors this June, he was all about defense. “The bottom line is we have to do a... More»


Putting out a decent magazine is simple, really. Talk directly to the reader, using both words and images, and artfully tell the best story... More»


 “So what the heck does a publisher do, anyway?”      As I’ve mentioned in this column before, I get... More»


Despite its Oscars, Milk left at least one person unsatisfied. “I understood that it was about using one person’s life and death... More»


It looks like a lipstick case and has only two buttons, but the new “light field” camera by the Mountain View startup Lytro may be the... More»


Gone are the days when getting fit meant a humdrum relationship between you, your treadmill, and your headphones. Thanks to a new wave of exercise trends... More»


In early 2008, David Kinch, the man behind two-Michelin-starred Manresa in Los Gatos, agreed to appear on Iron Chef America, committing to a ... More»


In August San Francisco featured a magnificent rendering, of what is essentially a... More»


Several Bay Area private schools pretty much announced to the world, “Aren’t we cool?” with a recent technology decision. ... More»


You might think a children’s art museum an unlikely site for a confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian activists. But that’s... More»


     Richard Avedon’s 1998 photograph, captioned with her impressive résumé, threatened stereotypes about the relationship between... More»