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In California, the death penalty has been in retreat for years, beset by revelations of wrongful convictions nationwide and legal challenges to the state... More»


Most people around here are familiar with San Francisco resident James C. Hormel’s biggest coup: In 1999, he became the nation’s highest-ranking... More»


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Recently I went for a bike ride with an attorney I know. To get from a meeting at Van Ness and Clay to another one downtown, this busy... More»


It’s six o’clock on a Tuesday morning, and Sam Mogannam is running up 22nd Street with a friend. The hill is steep, but that doesn’t seem... More»


In 2003, not long after Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game was published, studios opened their doors to pitches for screenplays based on... More»


In a one-room studio on the sprawling third floor of the American Industrial Center in Dogpatch, designers Josh and Lauren Podoll recently packaged their... More»


In an advertising world gone wild for viral marketing, the heir apparent to Old Spice’s hilarious “the man your man could smell like” ads... More»


Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco and spent his first few months in a boarding house in Chinatown with members of the Mandarin Theatre (his father was one... More»


Attacking intractable problems is more than a habit for Steve Kirsch—it’s the only way he knows how to live. When the 54-year-old Los Altos... More»


One of the many buzzy topics at the world’s largest gathering of video-gaming professionals, the Game Developers Conference, which kicks off this... More»