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A 14-Year-Old Reviews the Museum of Ice Cream

She ate it up.


Special correspondent Maura Marshall at the Museum of Ice Cream

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“The very first room we went in had an old bank vault that they'd turned into an ice cream vault.”

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“The little army action figures represented the tour guides, who are called the Pink Army!”

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“The celebration room had a ring toss where you can win tickets.”

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“In this '50s-themed room, we were given mini ice cream sundaes from Bi-Rite.”

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“These records had been cleverly re-named to all things related to ice cream, like Chiller by Michael Jackson.”

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“In the cotton candy/cherry-on-top room, there were clouds everywhere that looked so real and cool.”

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“In the rainbow-unicorn room, we got mini soft serve. Plus, you could crawl into the unicorn's stables, which were filled with tiled mirrors.”

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“This was the rock candy room. It was so vibrant and felt like we were in a cave full of candy!”

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“There were three different rooms with swings in them, but my favorite was the room covered in whipped cream cans.”

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“The sprinkle pool was probably my favorite room. The sprinkles were so cool and felt real on your feet. It was so colorful and I loved that the walls were tiled, like a real swimming pool. There was also a miniature sprinkle waterfall.”

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Who better to review the newly-opened Museum of Ice Cream than someone from the target demographic—a social media-obsessed teen? Here's what 14-year-old Maura Marshall saw when she went to the most popular ice cream-themed playhouse on earth.

All summer long, I have been seeing articles and posts on social media about the Museum of Ice Cream. I was so sad that it was in New York and LA, which, of course, are too far. Then I found out it was coming to SF.

I waited for the tickets to go on sale, but within the first day they were sold out. I was so happy to hear about this opportunity to go before it was open to the public and to write an article about it. It felt unreal. Even the outside of the building was so fun. I was already taking pictures of the cute pink banners outside (the pink velvet rope was a nice touch, too).

When we got inside, I was surprised to see how colorful and fun everything was while still incorporating the history of the building. Inside, we met our tour guide, who took us downstairs into a maze of rooms decorated with different ice cream themes. The first room included the vault from when the building was a bank—except they turned it into an ice cream vault!

In the next room, they had a whipped cream ring toss where you can win tickets. In almost every room I was greeted with delicious treats like mini sundaes, mochi, cotton candy, gummies, pop rocks, and ice cream they made themselves. There was also a rainbow unicorn statue, a secret little room full of mirrored tiles, and a rock candy rock-climbing wall, a gummy bear room, and a pink jukebox with silver records on the walls.

Those were all cool, and we took about a million photos of them all. But I would have to say my favorite room was the sprinkle-pool room. The sprinkles were so colorful and felt so real and they had a diving board and floaties and everything! At the end, you have to use a high-power air gun to blow all the little bits of sprinkle out of your hair and clothes.

I also loved the banana swings and ping-pong tables. The cherry on top was the gift shop at the end packed with clothes, sweets, playing cards, and so much more. (I got the playing cards.) The “Pink Army,” which is the tour guides, were the most welcoming and funny people. They were so perfect to be working at a museum for ice cream. They told us to dance and laugh and smile, which they were doing, too. Seeing the pictures of it on Instagram, I couldn't have imagined how much fun this would be, but it totally lived up to it. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life!


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