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5 Things We Loved at the Weekend’s Out-of-Control Art Fairs

Back to the basics—with stunning results.


Red: New York’s Paul Kasmin Gallery focused on the work of a single artist, Les Lalanne, to dramatic effect.

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Lamps: “Once we decided on a booth based around artist-made lamps, we put together a short list and basically gave them free license,” said Ratio 3 director Theo Elliott. Only four of the ten artists had made lamps previously and most were created specifically for FOG.

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Curves: An oasis awaited FOG-goers with biomorphic surfaces and subdued tones. “At this year’s fair we wanted to focus on furniture designer Pierre Yovanovitch and sculptor Rogan Gregory,” said Evan Snyderman of New York’s R & Company. “We wanted to create an environmental installation.”

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Vases: At Untitled, San Francisco, Paris-based Onestar Press worked with artist Daniel Gordon to construct their “Plant & Vase Shop,” shelving Gordon’s paper sculptures alongside astroturf and an actual work ladder, so you knew it was real. (4 of 5)

Goth: New York-based Patrick Parish came dressed in black. “It started with Julian [Watts’] work,” said director Zoe Fisher. “We really fell in love with [his works’] rich, dark quality, so we started asking some of the other artists that we work with to make all black works. Everything was commissioned for this booth.”

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At last weekend’s art shows—FOG Design+Art and Untitled, Art—hosted at Fort Mason and Palace of Fine Arts, there were two things viewers could count on: thoughtfully curated artworks selling for thousands of dollars and the awkward stuffing of those artworks into tiny, tiny booths. The maze of bite-size curations often tilted into chaos, resulting in an discordant—and unintentional—group show.

Some, however, resisted that urge. In the slideshow above, a few exhibitors that picked a thing and stayed with it. Our eyeballs were thankful.


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