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BART Service Restored After Alarmingly Casual Kidnapping Alert

Just a suspected kidnapping. No big deal.


In what has got to be the most casual alert ever about an unfolding crime, BART tweeted the following message this afternoon: 

"Apologies for the delay in downtown San Francisco - possible kidnapping in progress. Please be patient."

The tweet, while technically polite, landed like the transit equivalent of "nothing to be alarmed about, suspect on the loose." We'd suggest just a small tweak: "A child is missing on BART. We are investigating." And then maybe something about taking Muni until further notice, hmm?

According to BART communications officer Taylor Huckaby, what happened is this: A woman claimed that her husband had taken her child at the Montgomery station and boarded a separate train going southbound. BART stopped trains in both directions while the search was under way.

Fifteen minutes later, BART tweeted: "All trains have been released and service is being restored. Apologies for the delay." Again, burying the lead. How is the kid?

We had to wonder, how often does BART deal with possible kidnappings that news of them just sort of gets tacked on to the end of routine service-delay messages? "The odds of a child being kidnapped by a random person are pretty much nil," says Huckaby. "It's almost always a custody issue after a domestic dispute. I can't comment that this is the case this time, although it appears to be."

The BART police operator declined to provide further details about the incident.


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