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Gin and Juice (and Some Black Pepper Bitters)

With cocktails this good, we'll take a little pretension.

Sometimes you want to take the mixology trend—the just-won’t-die romanticization of the drinking days of yore—and shake it (vigorously over the shoulder, using two hands, of course). But when you’re seated at Tradition, the latest bar of this genre, and presented with the above concoction, all eye rolling stops. Instead, you sigh contentedly while sipping the eminently drinkable, refreshing mix of gin, Lillet, grapefruit and lemon juice, ginger syrup, and black pepper bitters. Served over those perfectly square Kold-Draft ice cubes out of a big ol’ Mason jar, it’s hillbilly chic. The Bathtub Gin Punch ($40), as it’s called on the menu, is meant to be shared among four. Book a “snug” (otherwise known as a booth) online, invite your closest friends, and give in to it.

Tradition, 441 Jones St. (near Geary St.), 415-474-2284