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A GOP Candidate for Governor Wants Lawmakers to Wear Top Donors’ Names on Their Suits, Like NASCAR Drivers

The Southern California lawyer and CPA talks with This Golden State’s Randy Shandobil about his ideas for getting money out of politics.

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Republican candidate for California governor John Cox is conservative—and he supports much of President Trump’s anti–sanctuary city, “Build the Wall” agenda. Still, some of his offbeat proposals could win the support of liberal Democrats. In a feisty interview with This Golden State’s Randy Shandobil, Cox talks about his plan for getting money out of politics, including one of the more colorful ideas we've yet heard: requiring lawmakers to wear the logos of their top 10 campaign contributors on their clothes—you know, like NASCAR drivers. “It would require our legisators to have a modicum of shame about the system,” Cox says.

Cox, who hails from outside San Diego, also proposes adding thousands of new “neighborhood legislators” to the state legislature as a way to get rid of political corruption. His reasoning? “It’s just making districts tiny so that special interests lose their power,” Cox says. “When you have a district that's only 5,000 people, you're not going to run television adds. It creates a tiny campaign that money won't win.”

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