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For His Final Joke, Ed Lee Dunked All Over Donald Trump

That is, if Willie Brown is to be believed.

Killing 'em out there. 


San Francisco’s late mayor Ed Lee may have had a wicked sense of humor but, at least in public, his jokes ran towards the daddist of dad humor. But, at least according to former mayor Willie Brown, speaking at his public memorial service on Sunday, what might have been Lee’s last joke was actually—wait for it—pretty good.

Here it is:

If President Trump was prosecuted and has to serve time in a federal jail, maybe we should see if we can get Alcatraz back operational.

It’s funny because Alcatraz used to be a federal prison which held convicted gangsters like Al Capone and Whitey Bulger. And Donald Trump is, basically, a scam artist and mobster who is now the president. Get it?

San Franciscans can—and do—disagree about many things. But we can all admit, that’s a pretty okay line, especially when a talented public speaker like Willie Brown puts it across. Not you know, “funny ha ha,” but “funny, okay dad, great to talk to you, can you put mom on the phone now?”

Now if only someone would leak the rumored dank stash of Ed Lee’s private R-rated jokes.


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