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 Yes & Yes Design's Laura Bruland uses a lasercutter at TechShop S.F. to make her pins fashioned from leather and fabric book covers. Photo: Meiko Takechi Arquillos

Inspiration 101: Where to learn to upcycle

A guide to the Bay Area’s upcycling ecosystem

Making new stuff from old stuff now has a name—upcycling—and an army of ingenious practitioners. Transforming the worn-out, the broken-down, the utterly useless into stuff that’s high style and cool beyond the usual do-gooder/ DIYer demographic feels absolutely of the moment. And thanks to places like Etsy, Kickstarter, and SoMa’s TechShop San Francisco work space, it’s never been easier to play around and earn some money besides.

You want to: Craft lamps from booze bottles, stencil a wall
Check out: Workshop S.F., 1798 mcAllister St., S.F., 415-874-9186,
Coolest class: How to Start Selling and Branding with Etsy

You want to: Machine-embroider a logo, laser-cut a pin
Check out: TechShop S.F., 926 Howard St., S.F., 415-263-9161,
Coolest class: Soldering & Electronics Basics

You want to: Bend metal, cut stone, make molds
Check out: The Crucible, 1260 7th St., Oakland, 510-444-0919,
Coolest classes: Taste of Fine Art, Taste of Industrial Arts (three-hour sampler classes)

You want to: Fuse glass, fabricate beads
Check out: Public Glass, 1750 Armstrong Ave., S.F., 415-671-4916,
Coolest class: Goblet Intensive

You want to: Print stationery, bind a book
Check out: SF Center for the Book, 300 de Haro St., Ste. 334, S.F., 415-565-0545,
Coolest class: Letterpress Printed Coasters

You want to: Stitch a hem, make a yoga mat
Check out: Craft Haven, 853 Fell St., S.F., 415-358-0739,
Coolest classes: Duct Tape Dressform, T-Shirt Refashioned

You want to: Swap old buttons, socialize
Check out: Rock Paper Scissors collective, 2278 Telegraph Ave., oakland, 510-238-9171,
Coolest classes: Street Styles Fashion, Church of Craft (a dIy crafternoon for grown-ups; third Sunday of every month)

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