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Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen

A sports bar ups its game with a better breed of food.

Union Square
Shield your eyes from the glare of televisions at the entrance, then squint as you step into the dining room in back, where the lighting is so dim, you’ll wish you’d brought a guide dog. Is this new Union Square outpost a pub or a sports bar? The visual clues aren’t clear, but the menu suggests that it’s a bit of both. Adam Carpenter, who worked this same address when the place was Ponzu, prepares food that would fly well in either arena. You can get a big Wagyu beef burger, garnished with blue cheese and bacon-onion marmalade, or opt for something British, like the chef’s fine fish and chips (flaky cod in a polenta crust) or bangers and mash with spicy housemade sausages, mellowed by spoonings of sweet onion sauce. With this beer-friendly food, there’s also, well, beer, and plenty of it: stouts, lagers, ales, IPAs. Sip a Chimay as you crunch on calamari or nibble on an anchovy-salted deviled egg, and you’ll feel better fed than you often do when there’s a ballgame blaring.

401 Taylor St. (at O’Farrell St.), S.F.
$$ RW ★½


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