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Love Thy Neighbor(hood): SoMa vs. The Sunset

In other places, singles are willing to get in a car or a cab and travel miles to meet and mate. In economically stressed San Francisco, it’s hard to find anyone willing to date off their Muni line. Transit limits mean that each neighborhood has evolved its own dating culture and rules. And even though they're within only a few miles of each other, SoMa and the Sunset aren't as similar as you'd expect. 


The Singles:
Hipsters, freelance graphic designers, Twitter employees, rich
MBAs who can afford the Millennium towers.

Where to Find ‘em:
Sipping espresso and playing with an ipad at Sightglass; picking poop off the gravel at Mission Creek Dog
Park; grabbing a cubano sandwich at Ironside at lunch.

Typical First Date:
Tea at Samovar; drinks at Terroir, City Beer, or the rooftop bar at Blue Stem.

More Than Just a Hookup:
Dinner at South Park Café.

Isn’t It Cheap/Romantic:
Ice skating at Yerba Buena; a walk to the waterfront and a
makeout session behind AT&T park; a picnic at the Alice Street Community Gardens.

(S)he’s Just Not That Into You:
Drinks at Hotel Utah Saloon or House of Shields.

How Far For Love?
The Mission, the Castro, and Hayes Valley are only a bus ride away.


The Singles:
Mid-20s to early 30s, everyone from UCSF students (great prospects, ginormous student loans) to surfer dudes.

Where to Find ‘em:
Enjoying happy hour (and free food) at Riptide; drying off after catching some waves; hitting the books at Wooly Pig Cafe.

Typical First Date:
Coffee followed by a brew at Java Beach; Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences.

More Than Just a Hookup:
Dinner at Outerlands—casual yet romantic and pricey enough to say “serious”; the Sutro ruins, followed by a table for two at the Cliff House (historic landmark = meaningful).

Isn’t It Romantic (Cough, Cheap):
Dim sum takeout from TC Pastry; a long walk through the park; a bonfire on the beach wrapped in a big blanket.

(S)he’s Just Not That Into You:
If (s)he insists on driving—the hood is big but not that big—then shows up an hour late, insisting she got lost on
the great highway.

How Far For love?
The N-Judah goes from one end of the city to the other, assuming no Muni meltdowns.



If you're an Apple engineer who finds yourself hopelessly in love with a surfboard-toting bum, fear not. There's a way to meet in the middle. Although the Haight seems to be your best bet, which leaves you with culinary options like the Squat and Gobble. 

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