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Many-Hit Wonders

Getting stoned has gone legit, and so, naturally, have the accessories.


Enubi Wake-and-Bake coffee mug, $65 at

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Miwak Junior’s Golden Girls pipe with 22-karat-gold accents. $180 at

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Annabis Lady G handbag includes scent-masking compartments. $245 at

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Ben Medansky’s Soleri Flume pipe, $40 at

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Aura cold filtered water pipe, Preorder at

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Jetty Extracts E-Juice for vaporizers, $50 at Urban Pharm S.F., 122 10th St. (near Mission St.), 415-872-9488

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Leafs by Snoop weed and edibles with packaging designed by Pentagram. Coming soon to California; Prices vary

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Lindsey Hampton Ring Pipe, $150 at

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Bloom Farms Highlighter vapor pen and cartridge, $30–$50 at Grass Roots, 1077 Post St. (near Polk St.), 415-346-4338

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Evoke vaporizer featuring Bluetooth and induction-heating technology. $399 for preorder at

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Potbox delivered to your door. $150 with a monthly subscription at

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Lux/Eros one hitters, $45 at

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Marley Natural Likkle Bit Small Taster and Small Holder for all your one-hit needs. $65 at Welcome Stranger, 460 Gough St. (near Grove St.), 415-864-2079

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Jetty Extracts Pure vaporizer extract, $30 at Urban Pharm S.F., 122 10th St. (near Mission St.), 415-872-9488

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Levo oil infuser for home cannabis chefs. $139.99–$379.99 at

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Original Piece Pipe, $39.99 at

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If the blown-glass bongs lining head shop windows aren’t working with your coffee-table decor, you now have options. Lots of them. Now that cannabis is poised to be the new wine, big names in design are getting on board to help update its image. From ceramic luminaries like Ben Medansky and Lux/Eros to major branding houses such as Pentagram (which teamed up with Snoop Dogg to bring his high-style weed offerings, Leafs by Snoop, to market), design pros are putting their stamp on everything from packaging to accessories to high-tech ganja gadgets. “It’s like working at the end of Prohibition,” says Emily Oberman of Pentagram, who headed up the Leafs by Snoop project. “It’s like the Wild West out there, and there is a whole genre to be invented. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Originally published in the February issue of San Francisco

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