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MF Chicken Is an El Pollo Loco Lover’s Dream

Tacolicious’s new side hustle is the weeknight delivery option you’ve been waiting for.

These days you can get just about any dish delivered to your doorstep—from finicky salads to tonkotsu ramen. But few delivery options make as much sense as a Mexican-style rotisserie chicken with all the fixins, brought to you by MF Chicken, a new delivery-only enterprise from the folks behind Tacolicious.

The concept isn’t unique: Spice-rubbed rotisserie chickens served with tortillas, rice, and beans are a staple of Mexican roadside stands and the fast-food chain El Pollo Loco—both cited as inspirations by owners Joe Hargrave and Sara Deseran (a former editor at this magazine). Still, on busy weeknights when the kids are getting cranky, it’s hard to top the convenience of summoning, with a couple of swipes on the Caviar food-delivery app, a whole or half chicken ($32/$17) that comes with everything you need for assembling DIY tacos: rice, beans, salsa, a not-too-spicy cabbage curtido, and La Palma’s excellent corn tortillas. These are birds that travel well. An achiote brine keeps the meat succulent even after it’s lukewarm, and the taut, well-blackened skin is twice as flavorful as what you’ll find on any supermarket rotisserie chicken.


Originally published in the August issue of San Francisco

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