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New Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna Would Risk Arrest to Keep Immigrant Families Whole

Civil disobedience runs in his family.

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For brand-new
Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna, resistance is just what you do. In 1940s India, Khanna's grandfather spent four years in jail for fighting British rule as part of Gandhi's independence movement. "That freedom movement took 40 years," Khanna tells This Golden State's Randy Shandobil. "Resisting somthing now for four years in a democracy is a far easier challenge than the one my grandfather had."

Asked if he'd take part in civil disobedience if federal agents came after undocumented immigrants in his district, Khanna says yes, he would stand in the way—if it comes to that. "If I thought there was a deep moral injustice where they were rounding up folks who are living their lives and have been in this country, and they're splitting families," says Khanna, "then I think I would." But that's nothing particularly special, he adds: "I think a lot of people in the Bay Area, from city council members to assemblymembers to members of Congress and grassroots activists, would. I think that's who we are."


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