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Now That Shrimp Boy Has Been Convicted, Can We Read His Book Now? Please?

Also a movie. Don’t forget the movie.


This morning, as the jury in Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow’s murder and racketeering trial announced their guilty verdict on all 162 counts, another chapter in the saga of the Shrimp closed. One of Chow’s attorneys, Curtis Briggs, has already vowed to appeal. That will take a while, though, and, dangit, we just want more. More Tony Serra histrionics, more casual admissions of drug use and partying, more hard-edged kernels like “You fuck around, you gone.”

And we can think of the perfect place to find it: Chow’s unpublished book. Could we just take a peek? Please?

Though Chow claims he can’t read or write, his life of crime, then reform, then (as the jury has decided) crime again has all the makings of a bestseller. It'll be in every bathroom in America. It could even be a trilogy.

As the Chronicle noted last year after his arrest, there is a manuscript in existence:

He has plans to turn his story into a movie and told the undercover FBI agent he had $50,000 set aside to get his book published, and had a potential book and movie deal worth $3 million that he was reluctant to sign because he wanted to control the production.

Chow's professed illiteracy would indicate there’s got to be a ghostwriter (or ghostwriters) in the picture, who no doubt signed a fat NDA. Even people who've read the book were forced to sign a still-pretty-fat NDA. (Psst, hey there! Please just let us know where to send a blank thumb drive and a SASE, no questions asked).

Will it ever see the light of day? For sure, says a source familiar with the case: “He’s not gonna go to the grave and not publish that thing.”

So one day, maybe after his appeal—or maybe before, if Chow starts to itch to tell his story—we’ll be treated to bons mots like these

• “They hand me the menu and I don't know how to read and write, they just point out to me the steak is right there, I usually order the steak ... They ask me how I want it, medium rare, and how many ounce, give me a pound. They order the wine, the wine is about $200, very expensive wine, he very particular wine drinker. We have nice meal, everybody order lobster and steak, when the check come he look at the check and then I find out the steak is $42 an ounce, and that was very awesome. Wow!”

• “Let me clear up something. I get a party, sometime I snort a couple bump, I don't know if you consider that illegal but for me it's very normal just for a party. It's normal to me.”

We’d wager Chow probably doesn’t want to call it You Fuck Around, You Gone, for obvious reasons, but we’ll still root for it. Leland Yee and Me?


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