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Praise Jesus, It's Crab Season Again

We've been jonesing for a fix for months now.

We'll take that one. And that one. And that one.


If you're like us, early November brings sleepless nights, restless days, and a constant, gnawing question: When the hell are the Dungeness crabs getting here? Tl;dr: Today? Tomorrow? Depends where you buy them, but Dungeness crab season is here. Not a moment too soon!

Though recreational crab fishing started on November 1st (check out our Affinities photo shoot here), commercial fishing wasn’t allowed to begin until November 15th—which was this Saturday. It takes a little time for the newly-caught crab to show up in local markets and restaurants, but there’s a good chance, you’ll be seeing Dungeness crab really soon if you haven't already, and this season—like the past two—is expected to be a good one.

As a San Francisco magazine exclusive, we’re sharing our secret recipe for Dungeness crab. Feel free to use it, but you must credit us. It’s a little complicated, so be sure to follow all the steps exactly. Step one: Get the grocery guy to crack the crab for you. Step two: Buy a loaf of sourdough. Step two: Heat the crab up in a pot of boiling water. Serve with sourdough and a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.



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