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SF Politicos' Resolutions

Five local politicians dish on their New Year's Resolutions. 

Mark Farrell, District 2 Supervisor: “Passing a strong City budget, figuring out a solution to our looming heath care liabilities, and catching up on much needed sleep after the recent birth of our baby boy, Kane.”

David Chiu, District 3 Supervisor: “To develop strategies to maintain the diversity—in income and background, as well as ethnicity—that makes us a world class city. We also have to get the Muni to run on time.”

Scott Wiener, District 8 Supervisor: “The top of my wish list is for Muni to get my constituents (and me) where they’re going in a timely way. I know that’s pretty basic, but it’s a tough one. Muni riders don’t have paid lobbyists. Also on my wish list, reforming out land use appeal process to prevent 11th-hour appeals that delay projects that have broad public support.”

Tom Ammiano, State Assemblymember: “Going into my last term means doing a lot in a short time. Picking one priority is like asking a kid to pick a single present when there are five in front of him. Some of my major issues are immigration, marijuana, and domestic workers. Federal deportation policies create a climate of fear that we have to end in California. Medical patients have a real need for cannabis. Domestic workers need on the job protections.”

Leland Yee, State Senator: “In the next year, I want to focus on campaign finance reforms, increasing the openness of government, reining in exorbitant executive compensation at the UC and CSU, strengthening our assault weapons law, expanding on my online voter registration effort, and to reinstate critical health services that have been cut in previous budgets.”