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Singles Table Hooks You Up With Appetizers, Atmosphere, and Maybe Amore

Fixing up single foodies for delicious group dates.


You know how much fun the singles table at a wedding is. (That's not sarcasm, it really is a good time.) Come July, a local foodie group will set you up with your own singles tables by way of stylish city eateries. Nommery is a San Francisco dining club where foodies gather for family-style meals with new people at restaurants like Hawker Fare and Dirty Habit. Their forthcoming Singles Table service is the same deal, except all the participants are, you guessed it, tantalizingly single.

Here's a chance to meet up with eligible strangers for a dinner or brunch that wasn’t organized by your pesky married friends. Or your mom. Each table will open to three bachelors and three bachelorettes who could be looking for love or just for company at least as interested in the food as the cocktail list. Non-heterosexual repasts are in the planning stage.

Nommery will hand-select the daters based on “intelligence, professional success, and general social competence.” Translation: No scrubs. Bachelors will be featured in upcoming newsletters, where interested ladies will be given the chance to join in their tables. “It’s going to be a private event,” says CEO and co-founder Melisa Lin. “We’re going to be pretty selective with the first two tables.”

Admittedly, it's not that likely that three pairs of foodies will fall in love and all leave the dinner with hearts as full as their bellies. (What happens if three people fall for the same guy/gal? There are alpha males all over the place.) But this open conversation format allows both romantic and friendly relationships to form.

And if Nommery’s two years of bringing people together tells us anything, romance is likely to ensue sooner or later. It happens already. “We’ve seen new friends meet on Nommery, build relationships through numerous meals together, and eventually marry," says Lin. After all, there’s nothing quite as charming as the glimmer in someone’s eyes when they see their squid ink pasta approaching the table.

If you're intrigued, join Nommery and look out for mentions in their upcoming newsletter.



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