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A State Law May Force Your Bartender to Look Like This Guy

Wearing gloves we mean.

The gloves. The gloves. 

Your bartender is already your psychiatrist, priest, and pharmacist rolled into one, but thanks to a new state law set to take effect, they could also begin to look a little more like your physician. Starting this year, in the state of California "food employees shall not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands," according to the law. It's a food safety measure that could have unintended consequences.

Though the bill seems to have had fast-food employees at places like Subway in mind, its regulations apply more broadly, including fine dining cooks and, you guessed it, bartenders. Which means that you'd better get used to bartenders wearing gloves or using tweezers when adding garnishes or ice to cocktails. Though we could see white gloves fitting in just fine at a place like Tosca or Tadich, it seems hard to imagine white latex becoming the latest mixologist fad in the Mission.   

It's not just bartenders in the state who are worried about the effects of the law. The LA Times quotes a sushi chef who says that although she doesn't oppose gloves in some cases, that "making sushi is incredibly hard to do with gloves on. [...] the rice is so sticky." 

In related news, go wash your hands right now. They're disgusting.  


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