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The 10 Most Essential Stories from the San Francisco Homeless Media Blitz

Read, watch, listen. Act.

A former heroin addict who found place in the Health Department’s Mission Creek housing project.

Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle


Yesterday was an epic day on the Internet: More than 70 Bay Area media organizations joined forces to cover homelessness and take swings, big and little, at a problem that grinds on every day, whether anyone's looking or not. It all lives here and here—the SF Homeless Project page is seriously worth your time—and you can catch up on the stories San Francisco published via our Medium page. But we wanted to shine an extra-big spotlight on the fascinating stuff made by everyone else. Here are 10 of our favorite offerings:

1. There’s a Proven Way to Help Reduce Homelessness—So Why Aren’t We Using It More?
By Alexis C. Madrigal and Michael Rosen, Fusion
Brilliant idea: Fully funding rent subsidies for America's neediest would cost $41 billion more than what we're spending now. Homeowners get a $96 billion tax break every year. We actually have the money—we're just not spending it in the right place.

2. Can You Find a Place to Sleep Tonight?
By Jessica Misener and Ellen Cushing, BuzzFeed
What it's like to navigate among the city's many unworkable options: A choose-your-own-adventure.

3. Young and Homeless
By Lauren Smiley, Preston Gannaway, Taylor Johnson, Rian Dundon, and Matt Mimiaga, California Sunday 
This arresting photography series on homeless youth tells stories, not stats. Well, some stats. But mostly stories.

4. What's Life Like Without a Home?
Video compilation by AJ+
Stories of living without walls, told by people like you.

5. Property of San Francisco Homeless Routinely Disappeared by City
By Laura Waxmann, Mission Local 
In six months of sweeps, city crews bagged and tagged the belongings of just 23 people. What happened to the rest?

6. Would a Homeless Mayor in Berkeley Make a Difference for the Homeless?
Frances Dinkelspiel, Berkeleyside 
Berkeley mayoral candidate Guy "Mike" Lee wants the social service system to stop teaching people that they are helpless.

7. Growing Up Homeless: A Radio Diary
By Vrndavana Hines, Youth Radio 
Imagine being a teen. Imagine being homeless. The reality's even tougher than you imagine.

8. Solution to SF's Homeless Problem Starts with Supportive Housing
By Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle 
We know what it takes and how much it costs. Are we going to do it?

9. Could This Silicon Valley Algorithm Pick Which Homeless People Get Housing?
By Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones
Who knew: Homeless women cost less to care for than men. Big questions of equity ensue.

10. Neil, the Cops Came & Took Everyone's Stuff Sorry
Photo by Jessica Christian, San Francisco Examiner
That's it. This is the photo of the entire project.


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