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The Citizen’s Guide to Revolt

A highly selective, totally subjective list of ways to battle Trumpism right here in the Bay Area.


Editor’s Note: This is one of several stories about the Bay Area’s response to Donald Trump’s presidency, which San Francisco is publishing over the next month as part of the February 2017 Resistance Issue. To read stories as they become available online, click here.

The Bay Area
took Donald Trump’s victory like a punch to the gut. But the roar coming back from the bluest of America’s pockets proves that the fight is far from over. The best way to hit back? Help each other. Here, 64 organizations standing up for everyone with a target on their back, be they immigrants, minorities, women, LGBTQ folks, or any citizen blocked from casting a vote. A word to the generous: Every group below will accept your money.

Anti-hate and religious tolerance
Voting rights and redistricting reform
Women's rights and advancement
Sexual and domestic abuse
Healthcare and reproductive rights
Energy and the environment


Advancing Justice—Asian Law Caucus
Defend Asian immigrants against law enforcement overreach by supporting the caucus’s roster of cases, including that of Pedro Figueroa Zarceno, who was arrested by the SFPD after his car was stolen.

Centro Legal de la Raza
Fight deportations by expanding the coffers of the largest provider of deportation defense in the Bay Area. 

East Bay Community Law Center
Bankroll legal help for more than 5,000 East Bay residents annually through Berkeley Law’s teaching clinic, which takes cases on everything from immigration to juvenile justice.

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto
Be a copy-machine whiz and help scan and assemble documents for this nonprofit offering free or low-cost legal help on issues ranging from immigration to housing (offices in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and San Francisco).

La Raza Centro Legal
Work the office phones and do legal filing to assist immigrants with everything from workers’ rights to deportation defense. 

Legal Services for Children
Are you an attorney licensed in California? Sign up to take on pro bono cases of minors, including kids at risk of deportation. 

Help immigrants know their options by staffing a hotline run by this San Jose nonprofit. (Legal expertise isn’t required, but Spanish or Vietnamese fluency is helpful.)

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Council on American-Islamic Relations
Pitch in for free legal help for Muslims confronting discrimination, hate crimes, or FBI harassment. 

National Center for Transgender Equality
Cheer on transgender people by supporting this policy shop that advocates for laws against discrimination and violence.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Battle hatefulness nationwide by bankrolling the center’s ongoing lawsuits, like the current case defending a transgender man who was unfairly fired from his job.  

The Trevor Project
Keep the phones running at this crisis-intervention and suicide-prevention organization that runs hotlines geared toward LGBTQ youth (calls and texts reportedly reached a record volume after the election).

Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Come out against mistrust of Muslims by passing out flyers, helping with workshops, and, for lawyers, doing pro bono work.

Equality California
Uphold the rights of LGBTQ people to get equal healthcare by phone-banking against discriminatory state laws. 

Human Rights Campaign
Agitate for LGBTQ equality by working on community outreach and lobbying local officials, or lend a hand at fundraising events.

Islamic Society of San Francisco
Get to know your Muslim neighbors at a weekly service (Fridays at 1:15 p.m.).

Showing Up for Racial Justice
Make the fight against entrenched racism everyone’s cause by canvassing, protesting, or fundraising on a committee for the Bay Area chapter of SURJ, which organizes white people for racial justice.

Transgender Law Center
Respond to letters from transgender people in prison, immigration detention, and state hospitals to help guide them toward the resources they need. 

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ACLU Voting Rights Project
Bankroll litigation against laws across the United States that make casting a vote harder than it’s supposed to be. Earmark your donation by mailing a check to the ACLU at 125 Broad Street, 18th floor, New York, NY 10004 and putting “Voting Rights Project” in the memo line.

Brennan Center for Justice
Throw money at voting rights, redistricting reform, and fair courts by helping this arm of the NYU School of Law wage legal battles nationwide.

The Campaign Legal Center
Trip up gerrymandering in Wisconsin by funding the lawyers who are fighting a case on its way to the Supreme Court, which could restrict legislators’ power to gerrymander in every state.

Democracy North Carolina
Fight for fair elections in the Tar Heel State with a donation that helps get out the vote, monitor polls, and, come Election Day, run an election protection hotline.

The Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition
Reverse gerrymandering in the battleground state of Ohio by bankrolling reform initiatives that would take the power to draw U.S. congressional districts away from the dominant political party and transfer it to a bipartisan commission.

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Thwart gerrymandering and voter suppression by funding the lawyers who fight the good fights—such as a suit over Texas’s voter ID law.

National Democratic Redistricting Committee
Turn gerrymandering into an embarrassing memory by helping elect Democratic politicians working to end Republican gerrymandering—an effort helmed by none other than Barack Obama and perpetual Trump nemesis Eric Holder.

National Popular Vote
Sabotage the Electoral College by lobbying state legislatures to pass the National Popular Vote bill, in which states agree to award all of their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

OneVirginia 2021
Agitate for Virginia to amend its state constitution and put redistricting in the hands of an independent commission. The goal: Gerrymandering stops as of the 2020 census.

Southern Coalition for Social Justice
Put an end to district lines that defy geometry by backing the coalition, which is currently bringing gerrymandering lawsuits against North Carolina’s state house and senate.

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Emerge California
Support five-month workshops that prepare California women to run for office (shout-out to Emerge alums London Breed and Libby Schaaf).

Forward Together
Put power back in the hands of the people by helping this national nonprofit give women, gender-nonconforming people, people of color, and their families a voice in the policies that shape their lives. 

Fan the flames of political ambition in young women by funding Ignite’s civic engagement programs at high schools and colleges.

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp
Clear the way for girls who like to jam by promoting and fundraising for the camp’s summer sessions. Or, if you’re a musical sort, volunteer to help out in one of various musical roles.

Girls on the Run
Cheer on young athletes and be a running buddy for a girl in GOTR’s after-school training program, or sign up as a race volunteer. 

Mujeres Unidas y Activas
Help with childcare, English tutoring, or at the job center run by this social justice group for Latina immigrants, or hire a domestic worker from its Caring Hands program.

Lend a hand to disadvantaged women by staffing the S.F. food pantry or help reverse age discrimination by helping women over 50 with résumé writing and mock job interviews in Marin.

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Love Never Fails
Use Amazon as a force for good and direct 5 percent of every purchase (via Amazon Smile) to this nonprofit that cares for and educates domestic human trafficking survivors and potential victims.

Chip in for emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking by downloading the SafeNight app.

Bay Area Women Against Rape and San Francisco Women Against Rape
Be there for sexual assault survivors in their darkest hour by getting certified as a crisis counselor. One-day alternative: March against sexual violence at SFWAR’s Walk Against Rape on April 16.

Community Solutions
Stand with victims of human trafficking and help them heal by getting trained as a certified volunteer advocate at this Gilroy nonprofit. 

Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic
Stop the cycle of domestic violence by helping survivors get restraining orders. (415) 864-1790

Support sexual assault victims from afar by serving as an online crisis counselor with the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.

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Alameda Health Consortium
Help this network of eight clinics care for underserved patients and enroll them in public health coverage such as Medi-Cal. (Specify which clinic on your check’s memo line.)

Get back at Mike Pence by donating to an all-options pregnancy center in his home state of Indiana.

Lyon-Martin Health Services
Bankroll free healthcare for women and transgender folks when you join the clinic’s Ten on the Tenth campaign, which withdraws $10 every month.

San Francisco Free Clinic
Fund free primary care for the city’s uninsured with donations that cover everything from supplies to medications and vaccinations.

Show your pride for gay, bi, and trans men and chip in for free HIV and STD testing, PrEP, and treatment for substance abuse, among other services.

ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
Be there for women undergoing abortions as a volunteer for ACCESS’s Practical Support Network. 

Berkeley Free Clinic
Keep the lights on at this largely donations-supported clinic by administering STD tests and dental exams (under the supervision of medical pros) or by providing peer counseling.

NARAL California
Join an army of advocates phone-banking, sending out mailers, and making signs for women’s reproductive rights.

Street Level Health Project
Offer a leg up to underinsured and recently arrived immigrants by hiring a worker for your next chore through its Oakland Workers’ Collective.

Women’s Cancer Resource Center
Lend a hand to low-income women with cancer by giving rides to medical appointments, doing light housework, or pitching in at the group’s Berkeley office.

Women’s Community Clinic
Hand out condoms and hygiene supplies to homeless and low-income women, volunteer in the office, or arrange to drop off gently used gear like coats, tents, waterproof gear, and new bras and women’s underwear. 

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Communities for a Better Environment
Help California residents in heavily polluted urban areas battle environmental threats such as refinery pollution in Richmond.

Make like Erin Brockovich and help this national legal nonprofit take on major polluters for clients large and small, gratis.

Throw car culture in reverse by working to change community planning in the Bay Area and statewide to favor efficient transportation and walkability.  

Union of Concerned Scientists
Campaign to decrease global carbon emissions and foster a clean-energy economy.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Burn calories for our burning planet and bike from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo on the California Central Coast Climate Ride on behalf of APEN to raise money for its conservation efforts.

Baykeeper SF
Report litterbugs on the bay and its waterways or call out suspicious storm-drain dumping by filling out a form on Baykeeper’s website. 

GRID Alternatives
Help a low-income family go green by recruiting your workplace to sponsor a solar-installation workday. 

Natural Resources Defense Council
Raise hell over environmental policy decisions by signing up to pester representatives, the White House, and senior administration officials.

Save the Bay
Restore the bay habitat by planting native species, removing invasive plants, and cleaning up litter.

Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter
Push for a greener planet by joining a committee focusing on anything from climate change to water, or indulge your green thumb on a street-tree-pruning excursion in Oakland.

Surfrider Foundation
Volunteer to comb the beach for trash and invasive plants, or help urge restaurants to ditch plastic straws, a major contributor to ocean pollution.

Vote Solar
Stick it to Big Oil by signing up to help pressure state officials to make solar power more accessible and affordable for everyone.

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