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The Looker: 10 Most-Seen Trends from Outside Lands 2012

Feathers, floral-prints, spirit hoods, and tulle.

Day 1: Chunky knits and liberty prints

A monochromatic look with a seventies spin

Nautical stripes and faux fur

Floral jeans and washed-out denim

All buttoned up

Cat-eye frames

Fur and feathers

Feathered fedora

Patchwork coat

Party pants!

Trend mash-up: chambray shirt, floral jeans

The curse of S.F.: Your dress is always obscured by a coat. (In this case, an enviable down puffer)

Printed packs

Leopard print pants and pointed flats

Bookish socks

Rainbow accessories and layers of tulle

A fur-trimmed coat and pin-curls

Standout layering

Liberty print gets a sporty twist

This past weekend, a motley mash-up of big-name bands converged in Golden Gate Park for the annual Outside Lands music fest. The line-up was particularly broad this year: You could chase your Norah Jones break-up ballads with pyrotechnics and mosh pits at Metallica; you could ricochet between feel-good Stevie Wonder funk (Isn't she lovely?) and Skrillex electro-house.

Accordingly, festival goer get-ups spanned the sartorial spectrum, from ironic faux formalwear—see also: ironic faux facial hair—to elaborate DIY creations, like the gentleman sporting a glinting disco ball helmet. (One constant: the Sunset's nightly temperature drop left everyone shivering in their short shorts.) After three days of style gazing, however, patterns emerged. Here, the most-spotted Outside Lands looks:

1) Spirit Hoods. Yes, the furry animal-themed headwear popularized by Coachella and Jared Leto is still going strong.
2) Sixties redux. It's a little disheartening to see how many twenty-somethings are still riffing on Woodstock—flower-woven headbands, boho maxi skirts, open-weave crocheted knits, and leather fringe. Only, instead of going barefoot, everyone's wearing beat-up Converse.
3) Tutus, usually paired with cowboy boots: It's Betsey Johnson meets Taylor Swift.
4) Floral-print jeans. We also saw three different men boldly strutting about in metallic silver trousers.
5) Leopard print is still hanging on, splashed across pants, cross-body bags, ballet flats, belts, and slippers.
6) Ironic Hawaiian shirts for men ("I'm freezing, but I could really go for a piña colada"); the bolder, the better. Chambray button-downs for everyone.
7) Oversized, brightly-colored plastic shades. Bonus points for flip-up lenses.
8) Blanket-stripe and Navajo-print backpacks, often worn with grandfatherly, chunky-knit cardigans. The Pendelton trickle-down continues.
9) Feathers. For women: Isabella Blow (or Kate Middleton?) -inspired feathered fascinators; for men, fedoras with a feather tucked into the brim.
10) Jaunty socks pulled up mid-calf, flaunted with shorts, blindingly white San Francisco-summer legs, and sneakers.

Click ahead for a sampling of the blooming, gender-bending, color-layered looks from this year's fest.