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The Super Bowl May Be Days Away, but S.F.'s Sign Vandals Have Already Won

It's the biggest, most superb owl ever.


It all started innocently enough. As soon as the enormous, blingy Super Bowl 50 sculptures began going up all over town, they became a target of citizen editors (OK, vandals), who far preferred to welcome a Superb Owl over the expensive mega-event we're actually hosting. 

Then came the Sup Bro on the Civic Center sculpture, a masterstroke of locker room-style appropriation. Meanwhile, Superb Owl morphed into a purely factual Oops after the statue got knocked over, at which point it was unceremoniously carted away. All this was followed by incisive political critique: Lee robs, spotted over the weekend at the Palace of Fine Arts. Ouch!

Word has it that the powers that be finally wised up and thought better of using easy-tamper decals on the statues. SF Citizen reports that as of yesterday morning, the decals were being removed. But not before the vandals hit their creative—and, well, scatological—peak. At Twin Peaks, a particularly Freudian-minded vandal reworked the sign into "Up R Bowel," as SFist observes. How...descriptive! In the space of a week, the vandals' vocab went from twee McSweeney's humor all the way to bathroom stall discourse, as the latest perps slung the anagrammatic equivalent of the poo emoji at the host committee and the NFL. 

So is that game over? Guess we'll have to shutter our pool on the next permutation of vandalese. As much as we were tempted by EW, UR SLOB (or even BLOWS PERU), our money had to be on SUE, PROB

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