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These Inside-Out Rooms Will Make You Forget You’re Indoors

 Architecture turned on its head.


Kitchen, Sonoma. Mork Ulnes Architects.

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Spa Retreat, Sonoma. Aidlin Darling.

Photo: Bruce Damonte

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Living room, Carmel. Feldman Architecture.

Photo: Joe Fletcher

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Pool deck, Sonoma. Dowling Studios.

Photo: Matthew Millman

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French doors are outdated; screens are downright obsolete. “We rarely even use standard windows anymore,” says architect Julie Dowling of Dowling Studios. “We prefer to do a sliding glass wall that creates a direct passage to nature.” For modern Bay Area houses, the more seamless the connection to the outside, the better. Homeowners from Napa to Carmel want to bathe in the sunshine, sleep in the meadow, cook in the orchard (preferably on a restaurant-quality stove), dine poolside, and recline in the woods on an overstuffed leather couch. For designers, that means exterior shower doors, double-sided fireplaces, tricked-out patio furniture, and expansive panes of sliding, folding, and rising glass.

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