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Totally Uncool Berkeley Police Seize Almost 700 Pounds of Magic Mushrooms

Not cool. So not cool. 

Pictured: nice.


Berkeley police seized more than $1 million in psychedelic mushrooms on Saturday night, according to a totally lame report in Berkeleyside, one of the largest psychedelic drug seizures in the East Bay in recent memory.  

The mushrooms were discovered in a house on Alcatraz Avenue, near King Street, in South Berkeley, after police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the residence. Upon arrival, the couple “initially refused to open the door,” a totally-understandable reaction, given that when police did enter, they discovered 677 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms in various stages of growth, storage, and distribution.

For those curious about how much 677 pounds of magic mushrooms is, we ran the numbers. At about 13 grams of fresh mushroom per dose (thanks, Shroomery calculator!), that many pounds of fresh mushrooms works out to something like 8,000 doses, or enough to get pretty much every single member of Cal and Stanford’s freshman classes tripping the light fantastic at the next Big Game. 

Police also recovered $3,000 in cash and evidence of what they described as a “large scale” sales operation. Two suspects, a 37-year old woman and a 35-year old man, were arrested on suspicion of narcotics crimes.

From photos provided by BPD, the mushrooms were being grown in Mason jars because, of course they were being grown in Mason jars.


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