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Trappings: A Twist on the Old Block

The marble slab gets a modern makeover, mingling with wood, leather, and polished brass.


Can you do anything interesting with just a block? Actually, it turns out you can do virtually anything.

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Why Not Bespoke Bristol Cities table at teh NWBLK.

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Free Range coffee table at Blu Dot

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Budri Earthquake bookcase at Future Perfect.

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Normann Copenhagen Craft Mill

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Eldon coat rack.

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Kreco Vis a Vis chaise lounge from coup d'etat.

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Luur North South magnetic bracelets at

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Avram Rusu Boomerang table at

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Mini industrial cage lamp.

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Marble cutting board from West Elm.

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Umbra Shift asymmetrical candleholder from Aggregate Supply.

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Volk St. Charles Cocktail table at

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Suspend media console.

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White marble cake stand from Williams Sonoma.

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Fort Stanard Couterweight pendant light at Future Perfect.

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Can great design do anything? If it can take a simple marble slab and turn it into virtually whatever your home need and still look good, then we say yes. Click through the gallery above and see how local craftsman and designers have turned massive blocks into in-home elegance.



Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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