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Viral campaign since last year’s Old Spice guy

In an advertising world gone wild for viral marketing, the heir apparent to Old Spice’s hilarious “the man your man could smell like” ads is not a squawking duck that sells insurance; it’s a singing unicorn with a soft spot in its heart—and a hard spot on its body—for Sarah Silverman. Click online. You can hardly miss the sweet interspecies love scene put to the service of Juicy Fruit gum. Who knows what will cause an Internet sensation these days? Apparently, Evolution Bureau does. That’s the small San Francisco shop that dreamed up Silverman and her mythical serenader, then watched them stampede into the zeitgeist, drawing a frenzied 50,000 fresh hits a day. In honor of its work, Evolution Bureau has been named a finalist for the 2011 Effies, advertising’s Palme d’Or. Salon has gone so far as to call the unicorn the best viral campaign since a bare-chested stud became the product pitchman for your dad’s deodorant. It’s hard to imagine what EB could possibly come up with next. But then again, isn’t that what makes a great ad firm great?