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We're Totally Obsessed With Dough & Co.'s No-Fear Cookie Dough

It's our magnificent obsession. 

Dough from Dough and Co.

Dough from Dough and Co. 


I’ve never been one to let pesky salmonella fears get in the way of my raw dough consumption—licking the bowl is one of the chief reasons to attempt baking in the first place. Still, I have nothing but appreciation for Dough & Co.’s glittering foil-wrapped logs of egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough.

In place of eggs, Omar Mamoon, a freelance food writer who founded the company a little over a year ago, mixes finely ground organic white chia seeds with water to mimic an egg’s binding and aerating properties. Aside from a slightly nutty flavor, the trade-off results in a product that is all but indiscernible from its eggy counterpart: Otherwise, it’s regulation cookie dough, made with flour, butter, vanilla, sugar, and chips.

You can, of course, bake the dough into perfectly wonderful cookies—think crispy edges, chewy centers, and a generous scattering of fat semisweet and milk chocolate chips. But the whole point of eggless dough is, I believe, to eat it in the raw, just as nature—and baser instincts—intended. 


Originally published in the January issue of San Francicso 

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