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 An app to drink by.

The Delectable app.

By nature, wine geeks resist technology (we are still debating the value of corks 400 years after their invention)—which may be why no app has figured out how to let users identify, photograph, shop for, recommend, and discuss wines in a seamless, non-oenophile-intimidating way. That is, until now.

Thanks to a new update this winter, Delectable has become the essential wine app. Photograph a label, and Delectable will recognize it (even older vintages; I tried it on a 1995 Château Calon-Segur from Bordeaux, and it worked like it was dialing up Two-Buck Chuck). Click to buy that bottle, and it will be shipped to your house.

There’s a social aspect, of course. When I registered, Delectable suggested dozens of local winemakers (like A16’s Shelley Lindgren) and sommeliers whose wine choices I might want to replicate. Delectable is exactly what a wine geek wants from an app: one-stop shopping for every drinkable desire. And, unlike most of this geek’s desires, it’s free. 


Originally published in the March 2013 issue of San Francisco.

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