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You Know What Your Coffee Needs? More Marijuana.

One NorCal company is betting so, at least. 


Looking for a “sophisticated alternative” to your early morning wake and bake? At San Jose's upcoming Hempcon, Northern California pot collective House of Jane will be debuting Jane’s Brew, a line of THC-infused coffees, teas, creamers, and sweeteners, including a Keurig-compatible K-Cup. Sounds perfect for our next morning meeting. Coffee and marijuana is a mixture that's been around for a while (even TIME has written about it), but it's the first time we've heard of a plastic pod version. So we figured hey, why not take a deeper look? 

More specifically: How the heck do you get the pot in the coffee? According to company spokesperson Jill Amen, House of Jane hired the help of “some of the best food scientists in the world” to patent a process to emulsify hemp oil so it'll mix with coffee and tea. It’s all very scientific, you see.

Jane’s Brew is also free of fat, dairy, GMOs, artificial sweeteners and yes, even gluten. In fact, it doesn’t even include that lingering aftertaste or smell. So basically, yes: Marijuana coffee is now a thing that you can use in your high-end, fancy espresso machine. What a wonderful world.


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