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French Connection
Jeanne Cooper | March 19, 2019


Fans of Mademoiselle Colette, the French patisserie in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, will soon have all-day access to its toothsome croissants and more. A third location...

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Blissful Bites
Stacy Finz | March 19, 2019


Carmel has its coastal charms and its epicurean lures too. The 11th annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival is just around the corner April 11 to 14, featuring 250 wineries and 100 celebrity chefs, as well...

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Santa Barbara's Spring Awakening
Jeanne Cooper | March 13, 2019


The winter of 2018 took its toll on the luxury resorts of greater Santa Barbara as well as on its residents. One of California’s most damaging fires and mudslides ever forced two venerable...

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Finding Your Way
Stephanie Davis Smith | March 12, 2019


A compass will set you on the right path, keep you in line and—in the case of L.A . Stein’s new fine jewelry collection—give you a true fashion north to...

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A Dose of Your Own Medicine
Phebe Wahl | March 12, 2019


As everything from suits to sneakers gets bespoke treatment, it’s only natural skincare would follow suit. Enter the SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S....

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Cornering the Universe
Carolyne Zinko | March 12, 2019


Who among us hasn’t thought about how the universe was created? It’s Stanford physics professor Andrei Linde who co-authored the inflationary universe theory, or the big-bang theory, but it’s Josiah...

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The Sitting
Modern Luxury | March 11, 2019


Check out the slideshow above for artsy looks for the new fashion season.

Originally published in the March issue of Silicon Valley

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Nicely Spiced
Laura Ness | March 8, 2019


What do you get when you combine the classic flavors of India—think matcha and ginger—with things like squid ink and gin infused with butterfly tea? Surprisingly, some very clever, exotic cocktails that invoke the...

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The Art of Hospitality
Kathryn Romeyn | March 6, 2019


As New York’s art scene steadily shifts west, and Los Angeles becomes ever-more known as a breeding ground for creativity, hotels are taking notice, debuting installations and programming that tap...

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Shining Star
Jeanne Cooper | March 5, 2019


For all the years classical-pop phenomenon Sarah Brightman has performed around the globe, her current world tour marks the soprano's first corporate partnership. As the audiences at San Francisco'...

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Spring Bling
Carolyne Zinko | March 4, 2019


Silicon Valley is known for its quiet luxury, but Los Altos Hills’ Rosalina Tran Lydster has a thing for bling, she and isn’t the only one. The Vietnam native, who worked in finance at Franklin Templeton and designed jewelry on...

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Cosmic Rise
Phebe Wahl | March 4, 2019


“I have always been very interested in other people’s lives and I think acting gives you that opportunity to step into other people’s shoes—even if just for a bit—and to see things from their point of...

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