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Quintessentially Continental
Laura Ness | May 19, 2019


Since late 2017, La Forêt, a beloved bastion of old-world elegance and superlative service, has been under new ownership, but brothers Maurice and...

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Private Moments
Riki Altman-Yee | May 17, 2019


While many cities can boast a share of elite waterfront hotels with every amenity imaginable, none of them offer villas with swimming platforms cantilevered over the ocean like...

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Field of Dreams
Joanne Furio | May 15, 2019


In 2016, Jenny O’Dell had an epiphany. The artist, writer and lecturer of digital design at Stanford had been asked to do a keynote address for an art and technology conference. Upset after the presidential election...

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Enduring Elan
Misty Milioto | May 14, 2019


Local designer J’Amy Tarr creates gorgeous yet functional outerwear specifically for women in the Bay Area. The reason? “Microclimates are real,” she says. “You can...

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Revolutionary Discovery
Stephanie Davis Smith | May 10, 2019


What’s a rittenhouse? I’d never heard the lyrical word before coming to Philadelphia. I soon learned what the locals know: It’s many things, including a scenic square surrounding...

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Family Jewels
Carolyne Zinko | May 10, 2019


Estonian goldsmith Vardy Shtein left the old country in the 1980s and landed in futuristic Silicon Valley, where he’s plied his trade with handmade rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry at...


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Eric Gordon

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Life Aquatic
Phebe Wahl | May 7, 2019


It seems only fitting fashion designer Issey Miyake, a native of an island nation, would handpick water as the central theme for his fragrances. But, much like the dazzling, complex pleats of his Pleats Please collections, the...

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Unwinding In Wine Country
Jeanne Cooper | May 7, 2019


Balmy weather and blooming grapevines in wine country herald spring, the perfect time to bask at one of the region’s several newly—and stylishly—renovated inns.



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Honorary Co-Chairs
Sarah Bray | May 6, 2019


“We were the Uber of the early ’90s,” says Mitchell Gold, laughing, at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Soho store in New York before the first of many blowout bashes...

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Town and Country Tapas
Monica Schreiber | May 6, 2019


Tapas phenom Telefèric Barcelona launched its first American outpost three years ago in Walnut Creek and opens its second in May at Town & Country Village....

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