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Dr. Daniel Naysan DDS, Guru Of Aesthetic Dentistry

Unquestionable expertise and a passion for delivering life-changing results for patients are qualities that define Dr. Daniel Naysan D.D.S, director of the Bedford Dental Group in Beverly Hills.

By directing leading edge technology through natural, handcrafted designs Dr. Naysan has establish a Smile Makeover process that’s become the new Gold Standard in Cosmetic Dentisty.

Dr. Daniel Naysan D.D.S

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A “smile makeover” is a personalized aesthetic smile design process during which Dr. Naysan works directly with the patient to identify their specific needs and applies a suite of bespoke solutions in order to provide the best results.

What makes this experience such a unique one with Dr, Naysan is that every single aspect is tied to the patient´s preferences and important distinguishing factors such as complexion, personal style and facial expressions to create the most natural and becoming results possible for each patient.

This unique blend of technical and intuitive capabilities has proven to be the reason why some of your favorite singers, athletes and film stars have all trusted Dr. Naysan, propelling him forward as one of the most recognized gurus of modern aesthetic dentistry.